At Zion, a deacon/deaconess is a person chosen from among the congregation to serve in the role of assisting the pastor in caring for the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of the congregation.  

Biblical authority for appointing deacons:

Act 6 :1-7

1 Timothy 3 : 8-13

Deacon - Todd Beasley

Deacon - Henry Rieniets

Deacon - Dan Wolla

Deacon - Mike Koehlinger

Deaconess - Kay Blikre

Deasoness - Marcella Haakenson

Deaconess - Mary Davidson

Deaconess - 


At Zion the trustees are a group of members who have been elected to maintain the physical property of the church. The board of trustees work under the Lordship of Jesus Christ and the authority of the congregation in the wise stewardship of all of the physical resources owned by the church.

Biblical Authority for electing Trustees:

Acts 6:1-7

Trustee - Lee Olson

Trustee - Wayne Grindy

Trustee - Dan Larson

Trustee - Ronnie Lund

Trustee - Jacob Smithberg

Church Council

Zion's church council is an astonishing conglomeration of Spiritual Prowess, Git-r-Done Work Ethic, Leadership Skills, Managerial Expertise, Technical Savvy, and good looking too… or at least they try to be all of those things.


Senior Pastor - Richard Carr

Youth Director -

Treasurer - Barb Larson

Congregational Secretary - Barb Larson

President - Lee Olson

Trustee - Ronnie Lund

Trustee - Jacob Smithberg

Trustee - Dan Larson

Trustee - Wayne Grindy

Deacon - Todd Beasley

Deacon - Henry Rieniets

Deacon - Dan Wolla

Deacon - Mike Koehlinger

Christian Education Board

Our Christian Ed. board is charged with the oversight of our Sunday School program and of our Vacation Bible School summer outreach. They strongly believe in the importance of training children in the Word of God, and they do a great job of helping our children's ministry run smoothly.

Jennifer Koehlinger

Lori Olson

Laurie Rieniets

Shelly Raan

Heidi Melberg

Dan Wolla

Jim Smithberg

CemetEry Committee

This group is responsible for maintaining the grounds and keeping records at the Zion Cemetery. The Zion Cemetery is owned by the Zion Congregation and is located on the South end of Tioga . Anyone interested in purchasing a plot can call a committee member or the church office for available plots.

Committee Members:

Roger Blestrud

Dan Larson

Todd Beasley

Craig Postovit

Dan Wolla

Lorin Bakken

Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee is a group of people who meet each year about two months before the Annual Congregational Meeting, which is held in January. They meet with Pastor Carr and receive a list of positions that will need to be filled through election at the Annual Meeting. The committee members then begin burning up the phone lines hoping to find good, able-bodied, Christ-loving people to fill these very important roles. The Nominating Committee Members are newly elected each year. If you are interested in serving in a certain capacity, please don't wait to be called. Get in touch with a committee member and have your name presented for service.

Nominating Committee Members: 

Corwin Nansen

Henry Rieniets  

Mike Koehlinger

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