What Do we Believe?

As Free Lutherans, we at Zion come from a Lutheran revival movement that emphasized personal faith, godly living and study of Scripture. Today we at Zion continue this tradition by teaching truths about God, humanity, and the Bible. Scroll below to see brief descriptions of what that means to us.

Who is God?

We believe that God is one, yet He is three distinct persons. God the Father, God the Son (Jesus Christ), and God the Holy Spirit are fully one and cannot be divided. All three are one divine essence, eternal, without division, without end, of infinite power, holiness, wisdom and goodness.

Who is Man?

We believe that all of humanity has violated God’s perfect law. There are none righteous through their own works, or any other religion. And because we violate God’s requirements of holiness, all humans will be punished after death and sentenced to hell. However because of God’s love He provided a perfect sacrifice for our sins in the person of Jesus Christ. If we confess our sins to God, and believe in Jesus Christ through faith we are forgiven our sins, and will inherit eternal life.

What is the Bible?

We believe the Bible is God’s inspired word given to humanity which is true, accurate, and authoritative. Every word of the Bible is perfectly inspired by God and is necessary to our understanding of righteousness, and how to live. The Bible is the ultimate and final source of authority on all matters relating to God and the church.

What is a Lutheran?

As Lutherans we also agree with the ancient statements of faith namely the Apostles’, Nicene, and Athanasian Creed, as being correct and accurate. Luther’s Small Catechism and the unaltered Augsburg Confession are also understood as being true and important explanations of Scripture.

Those not coming from a Lutheran background sometimes struggle in understanding our view of Baptism and Communion. We believe the Bible teaches us that God grants us the forgiveness of sins in connection with the sacraments of communion (Matt. 26:28) and baptism (1 Peter 3:20-21). We also understand that these sacraments must be accompanied by faith, for without faith in Jesus Christ forgiveness of sins is impossible. 

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